We’re going through an exciting stage with Rocks Beach House at the moment, with many changes happening. As many of you know we have recently put in NBN so that everyone that is a guest at the house can enjoy free WiFi. It is fast and will suit anyone that is a guest at the house whether you are travelling on a business getaway or getting away with the teenagers, the WiFi is unlimited and fast, so there won’t be any issues with it.

Upgrades and Updates

New Kitchen Table

Although the surfboard shaped kitchen table suited the style of the house, it had become damaged from a previous guest, and we also felt it wasn’t as practical as what we could have. After some time shopping around we found one that had the Rocks Beach House feel to it, and was far more practical to the room, and the size of the house. With square ends it now seats more people around it, and is far more solid.

Bedroom Fan

We have recently upgraded the fan in the downstairs main bedroom, which previously had a confusing remote system. The new one is not only easier to use, but also much quieter. Having an LED globe in the light, also gives the room much more ambience.

Washing Machine and Clothes Dryer

A new washing machine and clothes dryer have been brought in for people with longer stays, with more capacity, and a much better wash cycle.

Upstairs Bathroom Exhaust Fan

There was a fault with the previous 3 in 1 exhaust fan so we have replaced it with a new one. We’re happy with how it looks and works.

Coming Soon

Now that the busy season is over, we are looking at making some more improvements, which we are confident will make our guests stay much more pleasant.

Some of these include:

  1. New paint throughout the house. We are looking at an easy to clean paint throughout the entire house, to brighten the place up, and to make it far easier to clean the walls moving forward. We feel that this is a major priority, and are looking forward to seeing the results of this soon.
  2. Re-tension the clothes line. We are thinking of trying to raise it a bit too, as we feel it is a bit too low.

Other Exciting News

Rocks Cafe Opening

In October last year, the newly renovated Chiton Rocks Life Saving Club reopened and with it came the beautiful Rocks Cafe. We’ve been down to the Cafe and can say that the breakfast we had down there was lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The newly rebuilt building looks fantastic, and there is so much potential with what can happen there.

Suburb renamed to Chiton

The beach side area of Hayborough was recently named Chiton (pronounced Ki-ton). It won’t make a lot of difference except that some sat nav systems will use Chiton and others will use Hayborough while it transitions.

Exciting things are always happening around the Victor Harbor/Port Elliot/Chiton/Hayborough area and we recommend that you come down and take another look, and make a booking at Rocks Beach House.