House Rules

House Rules are provided at the Property to ensure that Guests and Visitors know and comply with the specific Rules governing their permission to enter and occupy the Property. House Rules are to be displayed in a conspicuous place in the Property so they can be easily viewed by Guests and Visitors, such as in the Property’s kitchen. Matters contained in House Rules should include those set out in this Part and should be adapted and augmented to suit the particulars of the Property, such as specific instructions for car parking arrangements and the like and rules appropriate for any special equipment, facilities or local risks.

1 General requirements

a)  Guest and Visitors must comply with all House Rules, By-Laws and instructions from the Manager and security services during their stay; and

b)  Guests must notify the Manager of any disputes or complaints from neighbours as soon as is practicable.

2 Noise and Residential amenity

a)  Guests and Visitors must not create noise which is offensive or excessive to occupiers of neighbouring properties especially between 10pm – 8am and during arrival and departure at any time throughout the occupancy;

b)  Offensive or excessive noise is prohibited and may result in termination of permission to occupy the Property, eviction, loss of rental paid and extra charges for security and other expenses which may be deducted from Security Deposit or Bond under the Terms and Conditions;


c)  Guests and Visitors must not engage in anti-social behaviour and must minimise their impact upon the residential amenity of neighbours and local community.

3 Visitors

a)  Guests are responsible for ensuring the limits set on Visitor numbers is complied with at all times; and

b)  Guests are responsible for ensuring that Visitors comply with these House Rules and the terms and conditions

4 Gatherings or functions

a)  The Property is not a party house and any such activities are strictly prohibited; and

b)  Any gathering, celebration or entertainment permitted at a Property must not conflict with residential amenity and must comply with all the other requirements.

5 Parking

a)  Guests and Visitors are to comply with parking regulations and other requirements set out  below and show consideration to neighbours and other vehicles; and

b)  Parking arrangements at the Property are as follows:

There is no “on street parking”. Cars and trailers should be parked in the driveways provided. There is to be no parking on the grass areas. Two driveways are provided, and an undercover carport. Please use these areas to park vehicles.

6 Garbage and recycling

a)  Guests and Visitors are to dispose of garbage and recycling in accordance with the usual practice at the Property (as set out below) in the allocated bins, and excess rubbish must not be left in public or common areas; and

b)  Garbage and recycling arrangements at the Property are as follows:

Bins need to be placed on the kerb side every Tuesday evening, as the bins are collected around 5:30am. The Recycle is collected every 4 weeks.

A waste collection calendar is provided in the welcome book, with the dates being marked in Orange.

7 Security

Whenever you are absent from the Property, close all windows and doors to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage.

8 Deck and balcony areas

The balcony areas are quite small, so please restrict the amount of people that are on the balcony.

9 Smoking

Smoking is not permitted indoors. Please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground outside. There are ashtrays or butt bins provided.

10 Pets

Pets are not permitted indoors (if applicable). If a pet is wanted at the house, please arrange this with us before hand.

11 BBQ

Please make sure that the barbecue area is kept clean, and the hot plates are left clean for the next guests. Make sure that when leaving the gas bottle is turned to the off position to prevent gas leakage. In the event that the gas bottle is empty during your stay, please get a refill from the swap and go, being sure to receive a receipt which you will then give to us. We can then reimburse you the amount of money which is used for this.

12 Damages and breakages

Damages and breakages must be reported to the Manager. Anything which is considered not minor, will be taken from the security bond before refunding the security bond.

13 On departure arrangements

On departure please lock all doors, and close all windows. Make sure that the house is left in a tidy state, so that the cleaner does not have to do excess cleaning. Leave the keys in the location requested in the welcome email, and then lock the front door behind you as you leave. Please also make sure that the gas bottle on the barbecue is turned to the off position, and the small shed is left tidy. If you have not seen or received the welcome email then please leave the keys on the kitchen table.

14 Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency relating to the Property, please telephone Bec on 0419 800 941

15 Compliance

a)  Breach of these House Rules is a breach of the Terms and Conditions of occupancy.

b)  The Owner and Manager reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from the Property, Guests or Visitors who refuse to follow these House Rules or who cause a nuisance.